Our Farm

'La Isla'

We have a farm called La Isla where we lead tours, and have the opportunity for Volunteers to enjoy the benefits of consuming fresh products from our farm, or to participate in the growing, cultivation, harvesting, and other farm maintenance activities.  To learn about our farm, La Isla, please navigate here: About Our Farm.

We have opportunities for WWOOF volunteers.  (WWOOF: Willing Workers on Organic Farms)  To learn more about WWOOF opportunities, please navigate here: WWOOF: La Isla.

Lodging: We do have lodging available to all our volunteers and visitors at our hotel/ apartment building in El Chaco town.  There are private bathrooms, and private rooms, and meals provided.

Photo: Please scroll down to view photos of our farm.

Program of Activities

Milk Production

Live like a farmer from 2 days - 2 weeks, adopting the daily activities and schedule of a local person from this area of the Amazon.  This is an opportunity to understand the efforts, conditions and value of the local agricultural products from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Caring for Small Farm Animals

Take care of small animals in an experience that you'll never forget from feeding and cultivating food for guinea pigs, rabbits, Tilapia, goats and more.

Planting and Harvesting Crops

Learn about small to medium scale organic produce production, harvesting, and consumption.

Cultural Exchange 

Learn about local customs, traditions, food, the Spanish Language, or our own satisfying work of sharing about our farm and community with children and families.

More about our farm

La Isla is an Organic Farm with all Natural and Organic Products

The object of the farm is to create an example of ecological agriculture for local farmers and families in order to teach them how to best utilize the land to cultivate the best vegetables, harvest the best produce, and care properly for animals. With time we hope to create a local school to take children on field trips so that they can learn about local farms and become capable of working on a farm and eating fresh produce.  We hope to also convert the farm into a sustainable project for tourists to come to live off of the farm, while sleeping there, relaxing, and utilizing the quarters as a type of a resort.

Our farm is 15 acres and in the development phase.  WWOOF volunteer can spend the night, take our provided meals, and help to improve the farm.  The farm is separated by the Quijos river, and in order to arrive you must cross the river 70 meters long in a cable car.  We have plans to improve the living conditions of the farm, but currently, lodging is apart from the farm.

Our farm is located in a zone determined to be low-risk to NO-risk for Malaria.  We are in the mountains and so mosquitos are not very common.  For more information on that please visit: fitfortravel.nhs.uk where the below image is from.