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One kilometer away from the Tena and Lago Agrio roads junction lies the serene yet naturally homely small town of Baeza. Essentially the town as in most older towns of Latin America is divided up into the old Colonial Baeza and the new Andalucía (new Baeza).

The older part of the historic area however is now slowly dying and decaying as more people move over to the New parts. Buses to Tena leave from the Hostal San Rafael and to Quito below the Hotel Jumandí in the old part of town. Down the road to Tena you will find the Andinatel and post offices.

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation & Restaurants
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Hostal San Rafael.- Average range cabins with parking & restaurant located in the new town.

Oro Negro- With restaurant.

Note: In Baeza everything closes around 20:30.

Restaurants: In the old town the best is Gina and Guaña with set meals & Breakfasts.

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Hikes around Baeza
For walks and hikes around Baeza and the spectacular views of the Ouijos valley, ecotourist guide books are available in the Hostal San Rafael. While in Baeza, if you enjoy birdlife then take a four hour journey to Camino de la Antena which starts in Old Baeza, beside the church. The climb involves a small gradient of incline to denser cloud forest though in muddy conditions one must be careful not to slip and fall, taking ones time is essential in these conditions as well as lesser oxygen to breathe towards the top.

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel The road to Tena
From Baeza a seven hour journey takes you to Tena with a branch road hitting directly vía Loreto to Coca. Along this road you will see several National parks and reserves and one example is Cabañas San Isidro located 30 minutes from Baeza close to Cosanga. San Isidro is a comfortable reserve of 1,200 ha with a very rich bird life. Reservations: In Quito Tel. 02-2547403, Fax: 02-2228902.

Sierra Azul.- Is another reserve located 12 km beyond San Isidro, with nice cabins and a different set of birds than San Isidro. Reservations: In Quito Tel. 02-2564915/02-2909482, Fax: 02-907870.

Yanayacu.- Is a biological station, located between San Isidro and Sierra Azul. The work station here is intended mainly for students working in this area.

The Guacamayos Ridge.- Is a part of the Reserva Ecológica Antisana. Located from Cosanga twenty minutes towards Tena. The stone path at the antennas enters these cloud forests, the most interesting and exquisite fauna and bird life, orchids unique only to this area as well as being able to peak marvelous views within the beautiful Oriente.

Further down on the Baeza-Tena road S. East of the Guacamayos antennas you will also find a plethora of forests for further interesting bird watching or a natural outside freedom for the budding Botanist. From the top half of the track on the Hollín-Loreto road exotic multicolored wonders of nature such as butterflies and birds including the Military Macaws, a rarity within itself amongst others too varied to mention exist here. A must for most travellers. Finally, from the Rio Hollín is a view through this Gorge worth seeing but in car only as buses are not common here.

Ecuador and Galapagos Travel The road to Lago Agrio
From Baeza another road goes to Lago Agrio, following the Río Quijos and passing by the villages of Borja, El Chaco, and to the slopes of Volcán Reventador. At El Chaco there are some basic restaurants and accommodation for if you wish to stay.

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